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Beirut & Beyond 2023 at Byens Tak!

During Oslo World 2023, we present a panel discussion and three brilliant artists from our sister festival, Beirut & Beyond at Byens Tak!

Music and Spaces: A Love-Hate Story in Beirut

This talk will shed light on the challenges faced by musicians and artists in Beirut. In the heart of this city known for its rich history and artistic resilience, the music scene has had a turbulent journey.

Entrance to the Beirut & Beyond talk is free.

Read more about the talk here!

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Yara Mrad - Moderator

Walid Ben Selim, Ammar 808 & Mayssa Jallad

A humanist singer and composer in multiple forms, Walid Ben Selim was one of the founders of the "Nayda" movement and the group N3rdistan. He has visited Oslo World with N3distand before and returns to the festival this year with his new project Nascentia!

Sofyann Ben Youssef A.K.A. Ammar 808 is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed albums Maghreb United and Global Control / Invisible Invasion, as well as the project Bargou08. Before moving to Europe, he became the godfather of the Tunisian alternative and electronic scene.

Marjaa: The Battle of the Hotels, is an album born of Mayssa Jallad’s two vocations: music and architecture. Mayssa’s music caters to post-war youth who have never been taught their difficult history. It is also a call to protest for the renewal, rather than the recycling, of the political class that holds the population hostage.

Read more about the artists and buy one ticket for all three concerts here!

Mayssa Jallad & Khaled Allaf - Madina min Baeed

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