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Solidarity Concert for Gaza - Beirut & Beyond

Walid Ben Selim, Ammar 808 & Mayssa Jallad (Morocco/Tunisia/Lebanon)

  • Byens Tak
  • Doors: 18.30
  • Concert: Walid Ben Selim: 20.00 / Mayssa Jallad: 21.00 / Ammar 808: 22.00
  • Price: 350,- + fees

During Oslo World 2023 we present a panel discussion, and three brilliant artists from our sister festival, Beirut & Beyond!

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the collaboration between Oslo World and Beirut & Beyond. On this occasion, we are once again organizing a B&B night during Oslo World, where talented musicians from the region will be showcased. It is a celebration of the partnership that, due to the serious humanitarian situation in Palestine, cannot be carried out in Lebanon.

We stand in unwavering solidarity with Palestine and condemn the Israeli occupation. We believe in the power of music to unite people and the role music plays as a form of resistance for many artists. In challenging times like these, it is our duty to provide support. No one should face such crises alone. It is crucial to stand together, and we find hope, meaning, and solace in art and music.

Our job as cultural practitioners is not only about pushing boundaries, and it is not just about checking various boxes for representation from the region. We have a responsibility to use our platform to raise awareness among the audience about the reality people are currently experiencing at home.

During the 30th edition of Oslo World, we aim to raise funds for Palestine. The Beirut and Beyond night at Oslo World will be a fundraiser for the Norwegian Aid Committee (NORWAC). NORWAC's medical teams provide essential assistance to victims in Palestine. All proceeds from the event will go to NORWAC and life-saving medical equipment. We invite everyone to show their solidarity with Palestine and support this important cause.

The concert is in collaboration with the Palestine Committee, Masahat, and Beirut & Beyond.

Donations can be made via Vipps #622476

Walid Ben Selim

A humanist singer and composer in multiple forms, Walid Ben Selim was one of the founders of the "Nayda" movement before he left Morocco for France and founded the group N3rdistan. After more than 200 concerts, Walid returned to the studio to work on new sounds, mixing theater and musical poetry. He has composed the music for several films and projects. He has visited Oslo World with N3distand before, and returns to the festival this year with his new project “Nascentia” where he performs thousand-year-old sufi poetry by Al Hallaj, Ibn Arabi, Rumi, Ibn Fared and Kabir, accompanied by harpist Marie Marguerite Cano.

Walid Ben Selim - Here and Now / هنا و الآن

Ammar 808

Sofyann Ben Youssef A.K.A. Ammar 808 is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed albums Maghreb United and Global Control / Invisible Invasion, as well as the project Bargou08. Before moving to Europe, he became the godfather of the Tunisian alternative and electronic scene. Bred as a musicologist in the corridors of Tunis’ Music Institute, he specializes in Arabic and Indian music. As an avid listener, he strives for bridges between oriental and occidental music. He now operates his own mothership studio in Kjellerup, Denmark, where he works as a composer, producer, sound engineer and music production teacher.

AMMAR 808 ft. Bellassan - Doudou brahim

Mayssa Jallad

Marjaa: The Battle of the Hotels, is an album born of Mayssa Jallad’s two vocations: music and architecture. Written in collaboration with producer Fadi Tabbal, the songs recount the 1975 “Battle of the Hotels” where opposing factions fought over the hotel district. The outcome of the battle determined the East-West demarcation line that separated the town for over 15 years. Mayssa’s music caters to post-war youth who have never been taught this difficult history. It is also a call to protest for the renewal, rather than the recycling, of the political class that holds the population hostage.

Mayssa Jallad & Khaled Allaf - Madina min Baeed

The doors at Byens Tak open at 18.30, and the Beirut & Beyond program starts with a panel discussion before the concerts. Read more about the talk which has free entrance!

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