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Manal, Royane & Nawar Alnaddaf to Oslo World 2023!

Moroccan pop powerhouse, and Arabic blue notes meet the Norwegian wilderness.


One of the brightest new stars of Arabic pop will perform at Oslo World this year: Through her blend of Moroccan hip-hop, Afropop and Afrohouse, addressing controversial subjects such as domestic violence and female empowerment, Manal has established herself as a true pioneer.

Her single “Taj” became one of the most viewed Arabic rap songs performed by a female artist ever and in 2021, Manal once again got the award for “Best Female Artist in Northern Africa”. She became the first Arab singer to appear in the list of artists to perform for "ColorsXStudio", and was selected to participate in the official anthems of the 2022 World Cup. The future looks bright for Manal - at Oslo World, she will perform for the very first time in Norway.

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Manal - Taj


The Norwegian-Moroccan artist Royane grew up listening to a mix of genres and languages. Her productions are bass-heavy, cinematic and blends a distinct emotional delivery with contemporary club music. In a handful of years, she went from being a well known Instagram influencer to being one of the most interesting artists the Norwegian music scene has to offer in her genre.

In 2022, after a small break from music, Royane decided to connect more with her Moroccan roots and released “tudo ok remix” where she mixed more of her mother tongue “darija” with English. The song went viral on TikTok, as a lot of women related to Royane.

During Oslo World, she will perform a double concert with the Moroccan star Manal - a perfect match!

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Royane - Monte Carlo


In the music of Nawar Alnaddaf, Arabic tonality meets other musical traditions. The singer and oud player comes from Syria. She has a bachelor's degree in Arabic music and is now studying at the Norwegian Academy of Music. There she explores the similarity between the use of microtonality in Arabic maqam music and different western musical expressions.

She brings her own band to Oslo World. Alnaddaf composes music in the intersection between Arabic tonality, modern expressions and improvisation. The meetings between jazz and various forms of traditional music have played a major part on the new, young Norwegian scene in the last ten years. At Kafé Hærverk, we meet a new, distinct voice in this landscape.

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Nawar Alnaddaf - Like a dream

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