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Oslo world ung news

Double concert

Oslo World UNG & Deichman UNG: Hillari og Rambow (Norway)

  • Deichman Bjørvika
  • Doors: 18.30
  • Concert: 19.30: Oppvarming PAVNA / 19:45: HILLARI / 20.45: Rambow
  • Price: Gratis!

This year's concert is curated in collaboration with Deichman UNG!

We are proud to be able to present two of the biggest rising starts, in Norwegian music this year. HILLARI and Rambow are coming to Oslo World UNG, on the top floor of Deichman Bjørvika!


HILLARI has already made her mark on the Norwegian R&B and soul scene. The 18 years old multi instrumentalist and singer is originally from the Philippines, but is based in Oslo. Her background from church music shines through in her genuine delivery and soulful melodies.

She had already captivated audiences at concerts, festivals and events before she released «Desperate Soul», her debut single and the first glimpse of her upcoming album, in March. Her music has been featured in the NRK series «FLUS» and the TV2- and Netflix-series «Gangs of Oslo». The Norwegian culture magazine 730.no have dubbed HILLARI the next big thing on the R&B and soul scene and recently, she got her first considerable co-writing credit with her contributions on TINKs «Streets Ain't For Me», created by Hitmaka, OG Parker, Beezo, KND and Ambezza.

Her concert at the Øya festival this summer with a stellar young band, demonstrated her ability to back up the studio success with tremendous live performances. We are proud to be presenting one of the truly most exciting new artists on the Norwegian music scene this year when HILLARI performs at Oslo World Ung, on the top floor of Deichman Bjørvika.



Rambows artist name is inspired by the legendary film character Rambo, but it also reflects his rap style, shooting bars like with a bow and arrow. The artist also known as Simon Negash, made a name for himself in 2018 as the lead actor in the NRK series «Rektors kontor». In 2020, his music career got off to a flying start with his first single, «Bentley». At the age of 17 his fanbase, both as an actor and artist, had grown considerably, and with four singles to his name, he was named «Årets Urørt» by NRK P3 in 2021.

Founder of the Hip Hop channel YLTV, Marius Solberg, was very impressed and said; “He’s got a distinct voice and delivery, which makes him instantly recognizable. This gives him the ability to experiment with his sound without sounding like other artists. I was immediately gripped by his x factor”, Solberg told NRK P3 when Rambow won the award.

Earlier in 2023, the album “Mager Men Metter Mager” dropped, yielding several killer tracks. This autumn, he is performing at Oslo World Ung - a dream booking with a bright future ahead of him.

Rambow - F.H.D.S!


PAVNA is a 24-year-old up-and-coming Norwegian rapper with Indian heritage. It wasn't until 2019 that she introduced herself to songwriting and the idea of pursuing a rap career. Since then, PAVNA has released music that has garnered recognition from several prominent music figures in Norway. In 2021, she made her debut with the track "Regarde Moi," which was featured on NRK P3X's playlist and had its music video premiere in the music magazine Rubato.

In October 2021, PAVNA performed her first gig in Bergen, which later resulted in significant demand for the artist. She was praised as a crowd-mover and has subsequently performed at various prestigious platforms in Bergen and Oslo, including Vill Vill Vest and Torggatafest organized by By:larm. Through thought-provoking lyrics, creativity, and remarkable entertainment, PAVNA's greatest desire is to inspire and provide her listeners with the same "friend" in music that she feels she has found herself.

Promobilde PAVNA

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