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Kid Fourteen (Lebanon)

  • Hærverk
  • Doors: 20.00
  • Concert: 21.00
  • Price: 150,- + fee

Intense and artful avant-punk from Beirut and Paris.

Kid Fourteen is the solo moniker of Khodor Ellaik, a Lebanese musician and songwriter currently residing in Paris, France. Using synths and drum machines, he mixes pop, post punk, noise, & electronic music influenced by anyone from Suicide, Xiu Xiu and Scott Walker to Baxter Dury and Gabe Gurnsey. His live performances are cathartic experiences, both theatrical and sincere.

Khodor spent his teenage years listening to metal. His artistic journey started in 2010 when he and his friends formed the band Beirut Scum Society, drawing inspiration from the early punk movement. They released numerous demo tracks and one seven inch split on Tian An Men 89, but disbanded in 2013. After a short stint in New York, Khodor came back to Beirut and formed the No Wave outfit Friendly Faces with local talents.

A collaboration with Alex Zhang Hungtai (then Dirty Beaches) in Beirut became the inspiration to make his own music under the name Kid Fourteen in 2015. His debut album, “Dream Kids Never Sleep” was released on the Lebanese label Ruptured in 2016. Khodor toured extensively between 2016 and 2019, when his long-time companion Karim Chams officially joined Kid Fourteen. Khodor released Kid Fourteen’s 3rd album “Love” on March 21, 2020, which he had recorded, arranged, mixed, and mastered himself. Since then, he has picked up the saxophone and formed a duo with the musician Jad Atoui, releasing the EP ‘Mad City, Cool Weather ’. Kafé Hærverk will be visited by an artist in constant motion during this year's festival.

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