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Vingeslag Sarah

Sarah Camille (Norway)

Intimate and borderless music

In a short time, Sarah Camille has established herself as one of the most remarkable musical storytellers for children working in Norway today. An artist with a distinct voice and an ability to tell simple, but deep, tales to young listeners, in several languages and a musical curiosity stretching way beyond Norwegian borders.

Last year, she won a highly deserved Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy equivalent) in the children music category for the album Spor av dråper og røde nebb. It was based on a series of school concerts she performed in connection with the anniversary for the Norwegian constitution, and used adventures from all over the world as a starting point for stories about community and participation. The singer, who has a family background from Martinique, told stories in Norwegian, French and Creole - and the result was both intimate and boundless.

With "Vingeslag", Sarah now addresses the adult audience. It is a show made in collaboration with Riksscenen, which uses music, video art and poems, all inspired by the word wingbeat. It tells stories of closeness, distance, calmness and movements, and Camille is joined on stage by a genre- and boundary crossing band made out of Jo Berger Myhre on bass, Sidiki Camara on percussion, Jørn Erik Ahlsen Alkanger on guitar and Tuva Færden on fiddle.

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