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Endelig Belg

Tuulikki Bartosik, Gabriels Novgorod + DJs: Kent Horne & Martin Bjørnersen

  • Riksscenen
  • Doors: 20.00
  • Concert: 20.30
  • Price: 240,- / 180,- + avgift

A tribute to the most popular of all instruments - the accordion.

Tuulikki Bartosik

Tuulikki Bartosiks music is a clear example of how the accordion can be used as a surprising bridge between contemporary music and deep traditions today. The Estonian-Swedish composer and instrumentalist is a spontaneous performer, equally at home with a symphony orchestra or as a solo performer. Her music is based on ancient Scandinavian and Ugric ingredients, the South Estonia’s indigenous Võrumaa region and the vast Nordic wilderness. Through experimentation and various collaborations, she is constantly finding new potential in this source material, and through a range of different projects, her music has traveled the world.

Her solo album Tempest in a Teapot was released in Europe in autumn 2019 and reached the Top of The World selection in Songlines Magazine in April 2020. Bartosiks latest release, the EP Fýri was recorded in the springtime forest and composed in Arvo Pärt Center in Laulasmaa, Estonia. It was released on June 21st 2021 on digital platforms. This year will see the release of her new solo album, Playscapes. She is part of the Keychange 2022 talent program, and was a natural fit for the Oslo World edition of Riksscenens Endelig Belg club night.

Gabriels Novgorod

Gabriel's Novgorod play music from the low wooden towns by the Baltic Sea, from vodka parties with salted cucumber, honey and sour cream, in the new blocks of the post-war period. Fiery music, like the one that used to run out of the cabaret, that floated up from the dance floors by the river, and the waltzes, the most beautiful in the world. Gabriel's Novgorod brings out Russian, Finnish, Jewish, North Swedish and Gypsy music. Moll-dominated and melancholic, wild and vital!

The audience will experience original interpretations of hard-swinging Finnish humppa, Yiddish tango and longing waltzes, northern Swedish swing (with Cossack steps) and songs in German by Bertold Brecht / Kurt Weill. With empathy, temperament and powerful singing, in countless languages.

Gabriel Fliflet – accordion, vocals
David Chelsom Vogt – fiddle, vocals
Kristoffer Chelsom Vogt – double bass, vocals
Jørgen Sandvik – guitar, vocals

Kent Horne og Martin Bjørnersen

The club concept “Endelig Belg” is a tribute to the most popular of all instruments - the accordion. In the basement, right after the concerts, you meet DJ Kent Horne and DJ Martin Bjørnersen, who play an eclectic mix of cumbia, forro, old dance, vallenato, balkan beats and jigs.

Keychange and CE Lockup

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