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Samantha Rise-Residency 6 Credit Yessenia Lopez
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Beyond Music - Workshop

Unlocking Creativity: An artivist Workshop with Samantha Rise (USA)

  • Melahuset
  • Starts at 12.30
  • Price: Free entrance, but registration required.

Dive into a realm of diverse storytelling tools and disruptive strategies, all woven with the transformative thread of Art.

In collaboration with JM Norway, we invite you to this illuminating workshop with Samantha Rise (they/them/elle), a visionary black, gender-expansive performer and facilitator based in Lenapehoking, Philadelphia.

The workshop offers a profound exploration of how creativity can reshape activism. Under the guidance of Rise, you'll unravel the untapped potential of your artistic capacities to advocate, subvert, facilitate, and heal. Discover the potency of imaginative action as we challenge assumptions about activism, and weave Art into the fabric of equitable work and community building.

Credit Haiyun Jiang New York Times
Photo - Samantha Rise by H. Jiang (New York Times)

In this engaging two-hour session, participants will not only gain insights into innovative approaches to activism but also craft their own joyful, imaginative interventions for the issues gripping our world today. Whether you're an artist, cultural organizer, or simply curious about the fusion of arts and activism, this workshop welcomes all. Experience a dynamic blend of movement, discussion, and artistry, embracing diverse learning styles for an inclusive and enriching journey.

Ignite your activism with the spark of creativity – register now for a transformative experience.

In collaboration with JM Norway.