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Dear Audience!

Once again, we will fill the city with world class music and relevant topics.

This year marks the 28th edition of Oslo World. Once again, we will fill the city with world class music and relevant topics. I am immensely psyched about this year's festival. It’s amazing that Altin Gün, Alyona Alyona, Bachar Mar Khalifé, LINA_RAÜL Refree and A36 will perform the same night in Oslo. On November 5th we will not know where to go. The Norwegian Radio Orchestra celebrates its 75th anniversary with a unique concert with Trio da Kali. And rising stars such as Pongo, Ami Yerewolo and Maria José Llergó will visit Norway for the very first time!

In 2020, we had to book our program within our borders. This year, a lot of what our audience might associate with Oslo World is back, with artists and activists from a range of countries, representing traditions and the avant garde. But at the same time, bookings like YLTV, Mutual Intentions and the Oslo World UNG concert show that we bring last year’s vibe with us!

The local scene has lived through some scary, but also interesting years. Many concert scenes have dealt with the situation in defiant and inspiring ways. They have found possibilities and solutions that we will also harvest the fruits from in years to come. At the same time, many places have changed owners. Large international investors are a part of Oslos city life more than ever. For us, it feels only right to work with more independent scenes than ever. We are looking forward to visiting Feber, Internasjonalen, Hærverk, Revolver, Blå and each and every one of our 20 venues.

The theme for the festival is “Rebels”. It feels appropriate in a present characterized by musical rebellion and big protests ranging from revolutionary to reactionary. To do a whole week around the rebellious human spirit might also be especially relevant after a couple of years where most of us have acted as obedient citizens. Next year we will have to retrain our democratic muscles. Oslo Worlds program is filled with discussions and seminars around these themes. But what we have to offer musically feels equally on point. Not only because a lot of musical rebels will visit us this year. But also because festivals in themselves are places we visit to feel like whole humans. We go there to express our individuality, and to be part of something bigger - and we can savour and be inspired by these experiences in daily life. This November, for instance, we can remind ourselves that even though we’ve put them on hold for an extended period, the city nights belong to us.

Welcome to Oslo World.

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