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Oslo World 2023 at Riksscenen!

Tabanka Dance Ensemble

In the Tabanka Dance Ensemble's performance Jazz Ain't Nothing but Soul, the audience will be closer to the dance and music than is usually possible. Sitting on the floor around the stage, the audience will get to feel the rhythms of the drums and the dancers' feet. Light and smoke effects create moods that point backwards in time and towards our own present.

The singer and composer Monica Ifejilika performs the music together with Mali's leading percussionist Sidiki Camara and the Spellemann-nominated singer Stian Ehiabhi Omole Jensen, among others. In Jazz Ain´t Nothing but Soul, the dance is inextricably linked to the music, and the musicians and dancers draw strength from each other.

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Foto Tale Hendnes 2020 44
Tabanka Dance Ensemble - Photo: Tale Hendnes

Erlend Viken & Sanskriti Shrestha

Erlend Viken and Sanskriti Shrestha’s new work, Mellom fjell, will be premiered at the Norwegian Hub for Traditional Music and Dance, Riksscenen during Oslo World 2023. The work combines Norwegian tonal language with tabla traditions from Nepal and India. Both are inspired by nature in their composing work, and they examine the similarities and differences in their visual inspirations as composers. You should not ignore the fact that other musicians will also appear on stage this evening.

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Erlend Viken & Sanskriti Shrestha

Erlend Apneseth

With his distinctive playing style and a long series of critically acclaimed Hubro releases with various musical projects, harding fiddle player Erlend Apneseth has become a darling in Norwegian folk music, jazz and contemporary music.

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Erlend Apneseth - TEDxOslo 2013

Synnøve Brøndbo Plassen

Synnøve Brøndbo Plassen is launching her new solo album at Fyrispel based on vocal folk music related to life on the pastureland. Since releasing her award-winning debut album, Hjemve in 2021, she has toured large parts of Norway, as well as abroad.

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Synnøve Brøndbo Plassen - Liahuggude

Embla & the Karidotters

Embla & the Karidotters won the Spellemann prize in country music for their debut album Hello, I'm Embla. Handpicked by Americana star Nikki Lane, they played at the Stagecoach in California in April. Embla's characteristic voice accompanied by the star-studded Karidotters mixes the timeless country expression with raw and fresh elements. They make people who did not like country music love the genre, as well as making the critic happy.

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Embla and the Karidotters - Why Fall Asleep, When

Tuvas Blodklubb

Tuva has been traveling and brought along a brilliant duo, Rubinsztein / Karlsson. It's called Värmland on the map, and you can safely put Anna in front of both surnames. Pass by Tuva’s dance class before the concert and be prepared when the club erupts!

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11 04 Pressbild 2 Rubinsztein Karlsson Foto Fredrik Fridlund web
Rubinsztein / Karlsson - Photo: Fredrik Fridlund

Kenneth Lien & Center of the Universe plays an electronic version of Norwegian folk music. Traditional dance rhythms and beats with Hardanger fiddle, harmonica, drum machines and synthesizers awaits this evening.

Cheb Runner (MO) is a producer and regular DJ at Oroko Radio (Ghana) who fuses traditional and contemporary electronic music, from Moroccan chaabi through spiritual sounds to eclectic disco and techno.

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