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Pre-Performance Performative Lecture

“However far a stream flows, it doesn’t forget its origin”

Delve into the intricate layers behind the performance. This lecture will shed light on:

  • Details about the Jazz ain't Nothing But Soul performance
  • Insights into African and African diaspora aesthetics
  • Exploration of polyrhythmic and kinetic polycentric movement practices
  • Dive into artistic methodology

Join us for a unique journey that not only offers a glimpse behind the scenes of the stage performance but also a deep dive into the world of African diaspora dance scholarship.

Special Guests: Thomas Talawa Prestø will be joined by master drummer Sidiki Camara and talented dancers from the Tabanka Dance Ensemble.

We look forward to sharing this enriching experience with you. Make sure to mark your calendars!

  • Associated Performance: Jazz ain't Nothing But Soul
  • Part of: Thomas Talawa Prestø Artistic Research Project: Anansis Web: Entanglements without Tripping
  • Research Fellow: Thomas Talawa Prestø at Høgskolen in Østfold

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