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Utopian Manifesto 3.0.

Are you part of the cultural sector?

Do you want to be part of an action-based workshop to actively work together against discrimination, gender inequality and racism?

Join us! Limited spots available. Registration required.

The third phase of the Utopian Manifesto 3.0. will be held IRL to go deeper in each of the actions and goals of previous editions. By the end of the workshop you will co-write the third version of an action-oriented Manifesto, with the aim of work together against discrimination, gender inequality and racism.

It gathers objectives the sector should have, and a number of concrete
action proposals to help us reach these objectives. It touches on topics
such as fair application processes, equal pay for equal work and
strategies against racism in the field of art.

About the previous editions of the Manifesto

Oslo World 2019 had utopias as its theme. In connection to the topic, the festival invited professionals from all over the world to create a utopian manifesto - a work to promote ideas and strategies to combat discrimination, racism, corruption and inequality in the cultural sector.

Since then the manifesto has been gathering more and more voices with signatories from all around the globe, thanks to partners as Al-Balad Music Festival, Favela Sounds, IMESUR, MARSM, Nyege Nyege, Riddu Riddu, Rock al Parque, Sukiyaki Meets the World, Suoni Mobili, Visa for Music, Keychange, Global Toronto, Druga Godba, Norsk Jazzforum, Beirut Jam Sessions, International Indigenous Music Summit, Fira B!, Mercat Musica Viva de Vic, Arabesques.

In collaboration with Balansekunst, TrAP, Keychange.

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Solidarity Patchwork- Foto Ingrid Fadnes

Utstilling + workshops

Solidarity patchwork: Historier om aktivisme


Lørdag 30. oktober

Starter 14.00

Omou Sangare


Oumou Sangaré

Rockefeller Music Hall

Tirsdag 02. november

Konsertstart 19:30

Nefertiti 2 november pa Internasjonalen

Åpningsfest m/ DJ Nefertiti


Tirsdag 02. november

Konsertstart 21.30

Asha Abdullahi

Oslo World UNG seminardag

Ufrivillige rebeller


Onsdag 03. november

0 O1 H7674

Samtale, konserter og DJ-set

Keychange pres: Robi, Sol Escobar, IskwĒ, Juba + Talk: "Rebels Without a Choice"


Onsdag 03. november

Konsertstart 17:00

6003022 3863260

Fra Senegal til Setesdal


Onsdag 03. november

Konsertstart 19.00