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Suchi, Det Gode Selskab, MC Kaman & Kash


SUCHI is an Oslo-born, London-bred, and Delhi-influenced DJ and producer named as one of the top 25 artists to watch by Mixmag and 12 artists you need to listen to in DJ Mag in 2022. SUCHI peppers her productions with flavours from all the places she's lived in. Her DJ sets follow a similar suit resulting in a crisscross of genres that spans eras and scenes, from experimental club, percussion to prog, house and techno.

Det Gode Selskab

Thriving off the energy of the people on the dance floor, Det Gode Selskab are known for their potent and vivid events.

MC Kaman & Kash

With CD cases quite literally bulging with guilty pleasures and affable arrangements from the charts, there’s no musical taboo that MC Kaman & Kash aren’t willing to accommodate. Together, they are an unstoppable Saturday night force.

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Barnas verdensdager Oslo

Grønland kulturstasjon og Asylet

Lørdag 19. oktober

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