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Oslo World 2023 på Jæger!

Fra onsdag til lørdag under festivaluken kan du riste deg løst på dansegulvet på Jæger!

Onsdag 1. november - Keychange etterfest


Oslo-based DJ Nefertiti has made the city dance to African and Arabian rhythms for decades. Norwegian-Somali Idil took the DJ name Nefertiti in 2009, when she decided to bring underground electronic sounds from the middle-east and Africa and transpose them for western ears. She experienced that the Oslo scene, which was rich in a lot of other music, lacked arenas where African and Arabic music could be danced to. It was very well received, and she has since had her own club nights as well as an active DJ schedule.

Dara Woo

Dara Woo is a Jaeger fixture. Whether behind the bar or on the dance floor, she is part of the foundation of the club and in recent times she's been a force to reckon with in Jaeger's booth. Part of Oslo's Techno brigade, her sets are ruthless and determined. She’s been a lynchpin at Jaeger since its very early days as a guest, a member of staff and most recently a DJ.


Gela is a devourer of sounds, a restless DJ and a unique voice on the Spanish scene. In 2013 she settled in Madrid, where she has gradually carved out a well-deserved place in the club scene, including a very celebrated residency at Club Berlín. In recent months she’s greatly expanded her range, playing out in places such as Razzmatazz and Freedonia in Barcelona, Corsica Studios in London, Wilden Renate and About Blank in Berlin, Dabadaba in Donosti, and the Red Light Radio station in Amsterdam.

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Brunch In The Park2023 II
Keychange artist - Gela

Torsdag 2. november

Nur Jaber

Nur’s beautiful yet troubled homeland of Beirut, Lebanon, has served as an ongoing inspiration for her creativity. In 2010 following a move to Berlin, she found herself becoming immersed in the house and techno scene that the magical city has to offer.

Soju Princess

Soju Princess a Norwegian/South Korea Dj based in Oslo, who collects dark and suggestive electronic music. She builds her sets from, amongst other things, a selection of Techno, Tech-House, Footwork, Trance, drum n bass and deconstructed club music. Soju Princess is a resident at Berlin-based radio channel dead hype and klubb yum yum and can regularly be found playing around Oslo's pre-eminent club stages, including 2023's Øyafestivalen.

Normann + Ole HK

The Helt Texas! duo bring an emphatic energy to Jaeger’s sauna every Thursday.Individually Normann and Ole HK are fixtures on the scene. They bring an energetic blend of House and Techno to the dance floor.

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Nur Jaber

Fredag 3. november

Olga Korol

Born in Ukraine and currently based in Berlin, Olga Korol has been running her label BodyParts records for more than 12 years, including the sub-labels Tooloop, Mind Series and BP Digital, hosting label showcases and parties around Europe.

Per Hammar

Per Hammar is the captain behind his labels Dirty Hands, 10YEARS, De Vloer and the club instance Kiloton. Dirty Hands is the headquarters for his dustier works while 10YEARS is the outpost for the stripped-down and more electronic sounding works from him and production partner Maya Lourenço.

Thomas Skjærstad

Thomas Skjærstad is the driving force behind Oslo’s Sous-Vide record label and Dj collective and an institution in Oslo’s clubbing landscape.

g-HA & Olanskii

The duo g-HA & Olanskii are an event, a club, a DJ duo, and a musical authority for Norway. Their Sunkissed series has become a backbone of Oslo’s electronic music scene.

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Lørdag 4. november


SUCHI is an Oslo-born, London-bred, and Delhi-influenced DJ and producer named as one of the top 25 artists to watch by Mixmag and 12 artists you need to listen to in DJ Mag in 2022. SUCHI peppers her productions with flavours from all the places she's lived in. Her DJ sets follow a similar suit resulting in a crisscross of genres that spans eras and scenes, from experimental club, percussion to prog, house and techno.

Det Gode Selskab

Thriving off the energy of the people on the dance floor, Det Gode Selskab are known for their potent and vivid events.

MC Kaman & Kash

With CD cases quite literally bulging with guilty pleasures and affable arrangements from the charts, there’s no musical taboo that MC Kaman & Kash aren’t willing to accommodate. Together, they are an unstoppable Saturday night force.

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