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Nur Jaber, Soju Princess, & Ole HK + Normann

  • Jaeger Oslo
  • Starter 22.00
  • Pris: 100,- / 150,- + avgifter

Nur Jaber

Nur’s beautiful yet troubled homeland of Beirut, Lebanon, has served as an ongoing inspiration for her creativity. In 2010 following a move to Berlin, she found herself becoming immersed in the house and techno scene that the magical city has to offer.

Soju Princess

Soju Princess a Norwegian/South Korea Dj based in Oslo, who collects dark and suggestive electronic music. She builds her sets from, amongst other things, a selection of Techno, Tech-House, Footwork, Trance, drum n bass and deconstructed club music. Soju Princess is a resident at Berlin-based radio channel dead hype and klubb yum yum and can regularly be found playing around Oslo's pre-eminent club stages, including 2023's Øyafestivalen.

Normann + Ole HK

The Helt Texas! duo bring an emphatic energy to Jaeger’s sauna every Thursday.Individually Normann and Ole HK are fixtures on the scene. They bring an energetic blend of House and Techno to the dance floor.

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