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Oslo World demands an immediate ceasefire in Palestine

The world has watched with horror the gruesome attacks in Israel on October 7th, the brutal attack at the Nova festival, the heartbreaking seizure of Israeli hostages, and in continuation the bombing and isolation of the Gaza Strip in the following weeks. We are witnessing scenes of inhuman destruction and endless suffering in disbelief. What have we become? Where will this end?

Oslo World has faced questions about why we chose to take a stand in the current humanitarian crisis - against the ongoing attacks on Gaza and the unacceptable suffering of the civilian population, for freedom and justice for the Palestinian people. Here is the answer. It’s not about religion or ethnicity, but about humanity and protecting peoples lives.

We are absolutely horrified by the brutal destruction of Gaza. One child is killed every 10 minutes. One child every 10 minutes. The number currently stands at 4800 children killed in Gaza since October 7th.
We cannot stand idle by when hospitals - dedicated safe havens - are transformed into nightmarish scenes of manmade devastation, despair and death.

We cannot remain silent when the world’s eyes in Gaza, enormously courageous journalists, are being killed in unprecedented numbers. The past six week have been the “the deadliest month for journalists”.

1 child every 10 minutes, 1 journalist every day.

We cannot remain silent. Oslo World demands an immediate ceasefire in Palestine.

Empathy shouldn’t be a limited resource.

Our common and basic human decency is precious, and we will not allow it to be lost.

Free Palestine.

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